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By combining a lifetime of experience in information technology with business management, H3 Web Elements can help you make your mark in the online world.


H3 Web Elements strives to make entry into the digital era as simple as possible for any business. Through a combination of Web Development, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and Consulting, we help our clients to create and update their websites, so that they can focus on their business.


H3 Web Elements was founded by Lorin Hart in 2015. During his many years in business and Information Technology, Hart noticed that many small businesses did not have an online presence. Even when they did have a website, it often lacked even the most basic of information. He decided to meld his in depth knowledge of both the IT and business worlds.  The goal to help these businesses get a grasp of the online world. Today, H3 Web Elements provides online services to businesses that are just entering the online world, or is ready to take it to the next level.

The Process

Backed by a wealth of Hart’s knowledge of business management and information technology, we use only trusted and accepted best practices to build clients a strong online presence. We know this cannot be done overnight. So we offer continued support at affordable prices. Whether it is big changes or a simple update to your site, all it takes is to send us an email or give a call.

At H3 Web Elements, we understand that many business do not require or cannot afford a full-time web developer to handle their Information Technology, Web Development, and Web Design needs. But maintenance and changes to your website is essential in our ever-changing world. That is why we offer clients the option to subscribe to our webmaster service and save over our normal rates.

Providing services across the globe, H3 Web Elements has the knowledge, skills and resources to give businesses the digital help they need to get a grasp of the online world.

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Why you need a website

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Facebook censored

Facebook Censors Pulitzer Prize Winning Photo

Posting on Facebook requires you to adhere to terms and conditions. Post something that Facebook does not approve, they will exercise their right as the website owner’s. This could mean a suspension or deletion of your Facebook account. Remember, your Facebook page is their property. It is on their domain. You play by their rules.

facebook vs website

Facebook is not enough

While Facebook has evolved from its initial concept of creating a network of individuals connected by some common thread to a multi-dimensional platform, it should never be the sole online presence for any brand. Here are three reasons on why your business needs to invest in a website.