Facebook Censors Pulitzer Prize Winning Photo

Facebook reminded the world of their power.  They flexed their muscle by removing numerous posts on their website showing a Pulitzer Prize winning photo from the Vietnam era.  According to the New York Times –  Facebook originally censored the photo for violating their nudity policy.  They later changed their stance and restored the photo in question.

Pulitzer prize winning photo by Nick Ut from the Vietnam era titled "Napalm Girl"
Pulitzer prize-winning photo by Nick Ut from the Vietnam era titled “Napalm Girl” was censored by Facebook for violating policy.


While exercising their right as owner of the domain, Facebook suspended multiple accounts including the Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg –The Guardian article Facebook deletes Norwegian PM’s post as ‘napalm girl’ row escalates.  Posting on Facebook requires you to adhere to terms and conditions. Read more about their policies on their website.  Post something that Facebook does not approve, they will exercise their right as the website owner’s.  Remember, your Facebook page is their property.  It is on their domain.  You play by their rules.

This is an example of why a company/brand should not rely solely on a Facebook page for their online presence.  We have written previously on the downfalls of depending solely on a Facebook page. One post mistake can make all your hard Facebook work fruitless.  Because every Facebook page must be tied to a personal Facebook account, your personal posts risk your Facebook page.  Accidentally post something against Facebook’s policy on your personal account and your Facebook page is suspended.  Then what?

Why your website is important

If you own a website, you already have a platform for your message.  In fact, you should focus your efforts to drive traffic to the website.  Your website is the only place you have total control.  Your website is your home on the internet.  Your business’s personal address on the world-wide web.  It is called a home page for a reason.  It is the location everyone will start, when they go looking for your company.

Facebook is not the only social media platform people have attached their star.  Others include Twitter and Pinterest, but they all reserve the right to censor content on their domain.

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